Tuesday, April 27

gosh! it's a good thing that i've come to my senses that you were not like what i thought you were.

i don't know what have you become. after breaking up with her, you've turned into someone i don't know anymore. what have i done? i just don't understand. is it because of her? i know you regret the decision you've made. but what's up with the mood swing? everytime i wish to call & talk to you, you always come out with excuses not to talk. how can i understand if you don't let me? things can't be corrected if you don't do something with it. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, HUBBY! i've searched high & low for my happiness but my happiness is with you. but if you're not happy with me, how can i be happy? i'm done with arguing. i'm tired. this relationship that we have will not last long if you don't come clean now. soon it gets harder & harder to fix. *sigh* why can't we be like before? why must you turn this relationship into a nightmare? does this relationship even meaningful to you? you tell me you love me but why do i feel that you don't? i'm trying... trying... and still trying... how much longer do you think i can try to stay? cause at the end of the day, one of us will leave if we don't fix things up QUICK! so please. WORK WITH ME! ='(

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