Wednesday, April 28

simply making wrong judgement

for those who do not know me well, please do not simply jump into conclusion that I'M A BITCH! well, screw you! what makes you think i care about what you think of me? you're NOT a saint yourselves! so hush. do not go around spreading false alarms about me. even though i might be a bit BAD but who are you to judge? why do you care? that's strictly my business. what a busybody! so what if i did things i shouldn't have done. it's up to GOD to judge and punish me. NOT YOU! gosh! what a pain! what did you tell to the others? i talked BIG? well, at least i have something to be proud of! is that a crime? if it is, so SUE ME IF YOU CAN! people are laughing at me? where? didn't see that coming. HAHA. stop making up stories lah, you & your slutty hanger-ons! pity you ALOT lah. you don't even realize how much hatred of other people are devoted for you. they pretend that they like you & act nice in front of you but what do you know behind you? so, hush hush. correct your own life before correcting my life. well, i'm sorry, are you seeking for 5 minutes of fame? do you get paid selling stories about me? i hope you do cause you've worked hard digging stories about me. JOB WELL DONE, BITCHES!

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